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The future of cannabis smoking is here. Everything is moving with the ever-evolving technology, and cannabis smoking will not be left behind. There are so many new smoking devices on the market, and we're discovering cleaner, safer ways to use them every day. The newest, most revolutionary way is with a laser bong. 

What is a laser bong

The Hitoki Trident takes the traditional bong and adds flair, sophistication, and revolutionary technology to give you the best smoking experience. It’s a 3 part cylinder that houses a small water chamber, a component for your cannabis or smoking material, and a never-before-seen laser igniter.  

The cool factor on this bong is really a 10 out of 10, but it’s not just about looks or gimmicks. There are several benefits when you switch to the Hitoki Trident, and the laser bong reviews are all raving. 

Woman Smoking Hitoki Laser Vaporizer

5 benefits of using a laser bong to smoke

  1. A cleaner smoking experience - One of the challenges regular bong smokers experience is how quickly residue builds up on the interior walls of the bong. This can make for an unpleasant smoking experience.

    Using a laser beam to light the bong, eliminates the need for traditional butane lighters. This results in cleaner vapors to inhale and makes the bong far easier to clean.

  2. Safer consumption - Butane fumes can irritate the eyes, and can also cause damage to the lung tissue when inhaled. Eliminating the need for a butane lighter allows users to take advantage of a healthier alternative for smoking, and avoid consuming unwanted chemicals.

  3. Enjoy more flavor - The laser lighter gives you the pleasure of enjoying the pure flavors and aroma of your strain, without the interference of the smell or taste of butane fumes.

  4. Sophisticated - Traditional bongs are cool, and we won’t forget where we came from. However, the sophistication and innovation that comes with the Hitoki Trident simply cannot be glossed over.

    The sleek design, the elevated look, and the feel are *chef's kiss*.

  5. Environmentally friendly - Your Hitoki Trident may be completely charged and ready to use in 1 hour 45 minutes, and a single charge can provide over 280 uses. This means you won't have to charge your bong as frequently.

The benefits of using the Hitoki Trident are clear. It’s time to make the switch to a more elevated experience.

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