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Joints, pipes, vapes, bongs, edibles; there are quite a few ways to consume marijuana. And now that this precious herb has been decriminalized and legalized in many states and countries worldwide, people are freer to indulge responsibly. 

However, every method doesn’t produce the same experience. Some methods provide you with a far smoother experience than others. If you want an experience different from any other marijuana experience, you need a laser bong.

Trident Rose Gold Laser Vaporizer

What is the Hitoki Trident Laser Bong?

The Hitoki Trident Laser bong offers smokers a unique, sophisticated smoking experience. It is truly unlike any other method out there, and is the brilliant invention of two brothers - Jack and Joe Tran. 

When you start a story with “I had this idea while I was high…” It's usually a good one. However, this idea wasn’t just good, it was excellent. Joe used to buy laser toys to play with his brother when he was younger.

One day while smoking a joint he didn’t know would change his life, Joe remembered the laser toys and wondered what would happen if he was somehow able to make a laser bong, but with a real sleek, modern, sophisticated touch. And so, the Hitoki Trident laser bong was born!

What makes the laser bong different from a regular bong?

For one, it’s truly a one-of-a-kind design. It’s exceptionally sleek, and the cool factor is really on an elevated level. It is rechargeable, and comes with its own grinder plate for ease of use. You can set your own temperature and customize your experience for essential oil blends, fresh herbal blends, or dryer, looser blends. 

And the best part? No need for a lighter. The laser isn’t just for cool effects, but is actually used to light your bong! It also provides you with the cleanest smoking experience by eliminating the need for butane lighters.

Man Smoking with Hitoki Laser Vaporizer Smoke Device

How to use the Hitoki Trident Laser bong

  1. Fully charge your Hitoki Trident before using.  
  2. Hold the top and bottom of the bong and twist to unlock.
  3. Before removing the water reservoir, attach the hose adapter to get a better grip.
  4. Twist the water reservoir open and add a small amount of water (Keep the water below the line close to the metal stem). Close the water reservoir. 
  5. Remove the loading chamber to add your smoking material. Make sure to grind your material as finely as possible. Use the flat end of your duel tool to create an even surface without packing the material too tightly. 
  6. Line up the top and bottom using the 3 prongs and twist until you hear a click to activate the interlocks. 
  7. Attach your hose and click the power button 5 times to power on the device. Happy smoking!