The Newest, Cleanest Way To Smoke

The Newest, Cleanest Way To Smoke

That first draw from your blunt or bong is really like none other. All your senses come alive, and you’re able to enjoy the flavor and the effects of your product. But if we’re honest, the flavor isn’t always so pure, and that ends up affecting the taste and overall experience of smoking. A big contributing factor to this is the butane lighter that you used. 

You’ll hardly ever meet a smoker that doesn’t carry a lighter. It’s the easiest way to light up and get the ball rolling. But there are some effects of using a butane lighter to smoke that may change the way you see them forever. 

Effects of using butane lighters 

Research shows that butane can have very harmful effects on humans. Some of these effects include dizziness, drowsiness, tremors, seizures, and liver and kidney damage. While studies on butane lighters’ impact on health are limited, most have concluded that the danger of hazardous usage is low.

Butane Lighters

However, there is no guarantee that the toxins and contaminants in butane will not enter our lungs when we smoke, especially if we use a bong.

There’s also no denying the terrible taste butane lighters can leave in your mouth. Not only is it frustrating, but it also ruins the entire smoking experience, as it interferes with the pure flavor of the herb and your other products. 

How to get the cleanest smoke ever 

This is why Hitoki Trident has entered the chat. Our revolutionary laser technology eliminates the need for butane lighters completely. You will simply need to charge, press a button, and light up.

Woman Smoking with Hitoki Laser Vaporizer

By eliminating butane lighters, you can enjoy the purest flavors and aroma from your strain. You will also avoid the irritation that might be caused by breathing butane fumes. And, if you’re really over how messy butane lighters can make your bong, it’s definitely time to switch to a more sophisticated bong. The laser in the Hitoki Trident makes cleaning your bong a breeze. 

Your overall smoking experience is far more elevated and sophisticated with the Hitoki Trident.

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