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Anyone who consumes cannabis flowers knows that water pipes have changed the way every experience is enjoyed. They have changed the way cannabis is enjoyed. While some people are initially hesitant to graduate from the traditional hand pipe to the water pipe or laser water pipe, many have become comfortable using it. It’s quite understandable because water pipes are bigger, so they look complicated and intimidating.

But then again, it’s also understandable to expect cannabis consumers to evolve with the devices they use. Manufacturers will always try to find ways to improve their products, and we know this. We know that innovation is inevitable, especially if the goal is to give us a better, more satisfying, and unique experience.

Let’s check out what makes laser water pipes different from traditional hand pipes and other cannabis smoking devices.

How Do Laser Water Pipes Differ from Traditional Smoking Devices?

Laser water pipes came to fruition as the regular water pipe evolved into a high-tech device.

The laser water pipe has a water chamber and a bowl where the cannabis flower is placed. Unlike the traditional hand pipe, the water pipe cools the smoke as it goes through the water, so it’s cooler when you inhale it. 

A high-tech bong, such as a laser water pipe, has approximately three chambers: one for the dried flower, a second one for the heating element, and a third one that is used to hold a small amount of water.

Laser water pipes are on a whole new level of innovation compared to traditional pipes because they are not only sleeker but also more efficient and convenient to use. For many, they are also the safer alternative.

One good thing about laser water pipes that has boosted their popularity is the fact that they do not need butane to work. Instead, the laser bongs are powered by laser technology. In other words, its heat source is laser, not butane.

Some laser water pipe models are called laser combustion pipes as they work like a magnifying glass that’s placed directly under the sun to produce light. It’s a more reliable, faster, and safer process.

Aside from its heat source, laser water pipes are also visually appealing. Some models have a see-through chamber so that users can see the laser technology at work. It makes for an interesting and mesmerizing visual show.

Additionally, as a laser beam is used to fire up the cannabis flower, laser water pipes produce smoother smoke. It’s also full-flavored as you won’t get a taste of butane when you draw a hit. The aroma and flavor of the cannabis strain is preserved.  

Which Is Suitable for Laser Water Pipes: Dry Herbs or Concentrates?

Laser water pipes are normally for dry herbs, but some several models or varieties can be used for flowers. However, you need to infuse the concentrates with oils. Temperature must be set at the highest as it is what is recommended for oils. For dry herbs, on the other hand, the ideal temperature is typically the lowest.

Dry Herbs or Concentrates

Dry herbs for laser water pipes are often consumed in wax or oil form.

Laser Water Pipes Materials

Most laser water pipes are cylinder-shaped. Popular models use acrylic for their cylinders. In general, however, water pipes are categorized into different types: acrylic, glass, ceramic, silicone, and ice. Some models use aluminum for their exterior, usually the aircraft-grade variety, which is sturdy and reliable.

An acrylic laser water pipe has a bowl that is often connected to a downpipe. Both the bowl and downpipe are normally metal. For glass laser bongs, both the bowl and downpipe are made of glass as well.

Water pipes, which are often referred to as bongs, are cylindrical largely because of their origin. Bong comes from the word baung, which is a Thai word that translates to wooden cylindrical pipe. The water pipe, however, is said to come from Persia before it crossed over to India and Europe.

Laser water pipes, and water pipes in general, have a hose (often a hookah hose) and a mouthpiece. Water is placed in a water chamber. You inhale the cooled smoke after it passes through the water using the hose and mouthpiece. The carb, on the other hand, is where the bowl is positioned.

Most laser water pipes also have a pick tool that is often used to clean the bowl and remove ash left after a session. The smoke or pick tool looks like a stirrer. There should also be a metal compressor, wall adapter, charging cable, a button or cap, and a loading chamber.

Specific laser water pipes have viewing windows that allow you to view the laser as it is doing its work on your herbs.

Laser Water Pipes Materials

Most laser bong users want to personalize their water pipes. One of the things that you can easily do with your laser water pipe is to customize the temperature. You can choose from different settings, depending on whether you’re using a dry herb or infusing an herb concentrate.

You can also personalize your laser water pipe experience by purchasing additional accessories.

What are the Pros of Using Laser Water Pipes?

Aside from their sleek, stylish designs, laser water pipes are easy to use. You don’t need to follow complicated steps to get the good quality smoke you want. Once you have loaded your dry herbs, all that you need to do is fill the water chamber with water and then tap on a button to get the laser working on your herbs.

Another positive characteristic, as previously mentioned, is its butane-free nature. A laser water pipe uses laser technology to heat your dry herbs, so you won’t be exposed to butane fumes—and your hits are guaranteed to be smooth and clean, not butane-tasting.

Most laser water pipe models come with multiple temperature settings. There’s one for dry herbs and there’s one for infusing concentrates with wax or oil. It’s easy to use as well—all you have to do is push a button. Some varieties of the laser bong are also equipped with interlocks, which means your device is safe.

Laser water pipes are battery-powered, but they often come with a wall adapter that you can use to charge the device when needed. The device is also portable as you can carry it around and use it no matter where you are.

Lastly, using laser technology means you don’t have to worry about residues ruining the walls of your home. Additionally, overheating won’t be a problem. You’ll also be able to eliminate, or at least minimize, product waste.

How Do You Ensure Your Laser Water Pipe Is in Good Condition?

To keep your high-tech bong in good condition, it is important to always clean it after use. Cleaning your device will ensure that there are no leftover herbs in your bowl. This will help keep the flavor fresh and real. Another reason for regularly cleaning your device is for you to avoid getting exposed to bacteria if your pipe is left unclean.

It’s a pretty easy process, depending on the type or model that you have. You’ll need rice, coarse salt, dish soap, pipe cleaners, and isopropyl alcohol (91%, to be exact) to clean the device.

Make sure that the water you use for cleaning is unused and clean.

Here’s a step-by-step list of the cleaning process:

  • Remove or throw away any leftover cannabis and make sure that no water is left in your laser pipe.
  • Take your device apart. Start by removing the bowl.
  • Clean your laser water pipe using any of the products indicated above. You can use a combination of isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt or rice. Pour or put this mix inside the base, cover the tube’s mouth with your hand, and then shake the pipe. Pour out the mix or solution.
  • After pouring out the dirty solution, use clean water to rinse your pipe.
  • If there are still leftovers or dirt, repeat the cleaning process.
  • You should also clean the pipe’s removable parts. Do so using dish soap. For the best results, soak your pipe in water with alcohol or dish soap. This will help remove debris.
  • Rinse your pipe with clean water. Air dry it thoroughly before reassembling your laser water bong.

Laser water pipes should be cleaned after every use.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Laser Water Pipe for the First Time?

To make sure that your first-time purchase of a laser water pipe is a pleasant experience, here’s what you should do:

  1. Find time to research. Go online and read through customer reviews. You can also go on forums to get ideas on what to look for in a high-tech bong.
  1. Make a list of the top three or five options you are considering and then get in touch with a representative for each. Compare their package, pricing, features, and other vital details. This will make the elimination process easier.
  1. Look for a trusted laser water pipe brand, one that has been around for years and is considered a leader in the industry.


The laser water pipe is guaranteed to give you a superior experience with your cannabis. Its advanced laser technology is designed to make cannabis consumption convenient and safe. Butane-free smoke, smart and sleek designs, and full-flavored hits—it’s everything that you want from your laser pipe.

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