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If you’ve been using a vaporizer for quite a while, you must know that modern technology has provided the vaping community with several innovations when it comes to cannabis consumption. You must have also heard of dabs or dabbing as it has become one of the most preferred methods of ingesting concentrated cannabis. This is why the laser dab rig has been selling like pancakes for years now.

Dab rigs are specifically used for cannabis concentrates. The term “dabs” refers to the concentrates. They often appear as sticky substances, such as wax and oil. 

A dab rig works like a typical water pipe; it diffuses, filtrates, and cools down vapor for consumption using water and bubbles. However, instead of bowl slides, dab rigs have dab nails. They also often have a water chamber and small percolators, one or two at the most.

Dab rigs look like bongs, which is why the term “dab rig” is often used interchangeably with “bong.” But one is different from the other in several aspects. Their primary difference is their purpose. While dab rigs vaporize cannabis concentrates, bongs are used for consuming or smoking dried flowers.

Traditional dab rigs are common but, as previously mentioned, laser dab rigs have grown in popularity over the years as well. To understand why more and more cannabis connoisseurs prefer them, let’s get to know laser dab rigs better.

What is a Laser Dab Rig? How Does It Work?

While the traditional dab rig uses a torch for heating, laser dab rigs have built-in coils. Users have the option to adjust the vapor flavor and thickness as they can change the temperature when they want to.

Laser dab rigs often have built-in batteries but there are models that need to be plugged in for power. Those who travel around a lot prefer the battery-powered ones. But generally, laser dab rigs are ideal for beginners who are still in the process of mastering the art of powering their devices with a blowtorch. Laser dab rigs are easier and safer to use than conventional ones.

For your laser dab rig to work, all that you have to do is place it on a solid surface and then fill it up with water. Pay attention to the indicated water level so you won’t put in too much water. Once done, unscrew the nail and put the coil inside. Make sure to screw back the nail tightly. The nail should be fastened to the rig. Then after the coil is fastened, plug in your device using the power cord. Turn on your dab rig and it’s ready to use.

As mentioned earlier, you can customize the temperature of your dab rig. Wait for a maximum of two minutes to get the right level of temperature.

Once you draw a hit from the mouthpieces, you’ll experience all the satisfying and flavorful effects of your laser dab rig. Inhaling allows the water chamber to draw out vapor and the effect is similar to when you inhale vapor into the lungs when using a water pipe for dry herbs.

Laser Dab Rigs Accessories

Your cannabis concentrate dabbing experience is dependent on how complete your accessories are. These are some of the most essential accessories for laser dab rigs:

  • The Dab Rig

This is one of the most important components of laser dab rigs.  In addition to a water pipe, your laser rig should have a water chamber that is connected to a nail.

  • E-nail

For laser dab rigs, an e-nail or electronic nail is needed to provide the heating aspect. This type of nail produces heat through a controller box that allows electricity to travel through a coil. It is a safe alternative as it does not require butane use. All that you need to do is set the temperature level you prefer.

  • Built-in Coils

Laser dab rigs have built-in coils that are used to produce heat at specified temperatures. Most of these coils are made of metal. Some models, however, use ceramic heating chambers. There are also others that come with water filtration, similar to what bongs use.

Laser Dab Rigs vs. Laser Bongs

Laser Dab Rigs vs. Laser Bongs

As previously mentioned, there are several differences between laser dab rigs and laser bongs. Let’s list them down again and add a few more:

  • Purpose: Laser bongs are used for smoking dried flowers while laser dab rigs are what you use to vaporize cannabis concentrates.
  • Vapor/Heat: A laser dab rig traps vapor and heat inside so vapor quality is optimized. The

vapors it releases are pure and tasty, not butane-like. A laser bong cools down the smoke it produces through the water in the chamber, so there are no harsh effects. However, flower quality may be affected by the type of strain that is used.

Both the laser dab rig and the laser bong are safer than traditional dab rigs because they do not require the use of blowtorches. Both are portable as well. Laser bongs, however, offer additional safety because they only ignite when the device is unlocked. But laser dab rigs do not expose flame or other similarly harmful elements, so they are just as safe.

Laser Dab Rigs vs. Traditional Dab Rigs

Laser Dab Rigs vs. Traditional Dab Rigs

There is a world of difference between laser dab rigs and traditional dab rigs. Here are some of the aspects that make each one unique:

  • Components: Laser dab rigs use e-nails instead of the conventional dab nails that a regular

dab rig uses. E-nails are electronic dab nails and do not need butane or any complicated process to function.

  • Heating: Laser dab rigs allow you to set your device to a specific or preferred  

temperature.  As such, they heat up faster than regular dab rigs as the process is automatically programmed into the system.

  • Vapor: Laser dab rigs produce pure and thick vapor clouds, thanks to all the modern

technology made available today. However, regular dab rigs are not that far behind in terms of vapor quantity as the manual process allows users to control the amount of vapor produced.

  • Flavor: Often, regular dab rig users have to practice several times before they can

produce consistently flavorful dabs. Creating rich-flavored dabs is easier when using laser dab rigs. It is possible to create pure and rich-tasting dabs even on your first draw.

  • Portability: Traditional dab rigs are typically placed on tabletops. They require

several accessories, including a dabber or wand, dab mat, carb cap, and butane

torch. They’re too big to carry around or place in your pocket. Laser dab rigs, on the other hand, are easy to carry, so you can bring them wherever you go or when you are mobile.

  • Safety: Dab rigs are powered by butane torches or blowtorches. A laser dab rig is safer

because they’re battery-powered (or plugged in), and they do not need butane to heat up.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Laser Dab Rigs

If you want to get the best out of your laser dab rig, you should know how to take care of it. Here are some tips on how you can properly maintain your device:

  1. Good storage is important, so make sure that the area where you keep your laser dab rig is not humid and has the right temperature. Avoid storing your device in the bathroom and other humid areas in your home.

Your storage area shouldn’t be dusty as well. The ideal place would be in a box that’s placed inside a drawer.

  1. After using your device, make sure that it is empty. Leaving concentrates inside can cause problems, such as the concentrates turning into a sticky coating.
  1. Make sure that you recharge your laser dab rig after every use. This will help increase battery life.
  1. Your laser rig should be cleaned after every use. Your first option is to use isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs. This will help remove concentrates that can build up into debris if left unattended. Not cleaning your rig can lead to clogs and coil coating that may result in poor performance.

You can also use cleaners; there are several options available in the market.

Tips for Identifying Trusted Laser Dab Rig Brands

Here are tips that will help you determine if your chosen laser dab rig brand can be trusted:

  1. The brand should offer two categories of laser dab rigs: desktop and portable. If you do not see yourself traveling or moving around a lot, the desktop laser rig is your best bet. But if you are constantly mobile, you should get a portable laser dab rig.

Desktops need electricity while portable ones have built-in rechargeable batteries.

  1. The brand should have different e-nail types. The most common ones are ceramic, titanium, and quartz. Ceramic e-nails do not heat quickly but are able to retain heat long. Titanium e-nails are quick to heat up and retain heat for a longer period. However, their reactive material may produce a metallic taste in your vapors. Quartz e-nails heat up quickly, but heat preservation is not their strongest characteristic. They’re good at retaining natural flavor though.
  1. Good reviews are also important because these are experiences shared by actual users.


If you value quality, quantity, portability, and a fully satisfying draw, it’s time to try laser dab rigs. One laser dab rig might prove to be a better and more satisfying experience than some of the most popular traditional dab rigs you’ve grown accustomed to.