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Uncovering the mechanics behind the traditional bong and plasma

With dozens upon dozens of devices tailored for cannabis consumption available in the market, the plasma bong arguably takes the cake when it comes to the excitement and beauty that dry herb enthusiasts get out of the device with every session. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced connoisseur attempting to incorporate joy and excitement into your dry herb sessions, you simply can’t deny the beauty and advantages of plasma bongs.

What makes this type of bong special, and different from other devices for smoking, is the plasma effect that becomes apparent once the gases inside the device get heated to a specific temperature.

If you’re thinking of investing in some type of device that you can use for your next dry herb session, whether it’s a laser vaporizer, a glass dab rig, a dry herb vaporizer, or today’s main topic, the plasma bong, it’s important that you do your due research before you spend serious money on these types of products. Today, we’re going to be talking about the plasma bong, what it is, and how it works. You can use the information in this article to help you decide whether this type of product matches your preference.

So, what exactly is a plasma bong?

To understand how this vaporizer bong works, it might be helpful to first understand those two terms—plasma and bong—separately.

What is plasma?

Plasma, in the context of bongs and other dry herb applications, refers to a state of matter that is formed when gas heated to a specific temperature transforms into a fusion of free-roaming electrons and ions. The charges the particles carry counterbalance each other, making plasma a neutral matter. However, regardless of its neutrality, plasma looks captivating and beautiful in how it interacts with the mechanics of a vaporizing machine or device like a bong.

What is a bong?

Now that we have some understanding of what plasma is, let’s dig into the mechanics of a bong and figure out what it is. Bongs are water pipes that are designed to be used for consuming dry herbs and flowers in smoke or vapor form. They are also referred to as a bubbler, binger, or billy among enthusiasts, although the term billy is also a slang term for an entirely different device. You can Google it if you want.

Bongs have been around for decades in one shape or another. The term “bong” is said to stem from the Thai word “baung,” which pertains to a bamboo tube that is used for consuming dry flowers and herbs. Today, bongs look a lot more like they belong in a chemistry laboratory than a college student’s dorm room. Bongs today have come a long way since the old-school bamboo tube.

But regardless of their differences in design, appearance, and materials used in the construction, they all come down to the same basic process and design principle. A bong is a device that is used for filtration when consuming dry herbs and flowers through combustion or vaporization, the latter of which refers to a portable or a desktop vaporizer.

What is a plasma bong?

Now that we have a better understanding of what plasma and bong mean separately, it’s a straightforward process figuring out what a plasma bong is. A plasma bong is just like any other bong designed for consuming dry flowers and other herbal options. It still uses water for filtration and has all the basic components of a standard glass or acrylic bong, except the plasma chamber.

What are the core features and components to look for in a good plasma bong?

A standard plasma bong has several key features and components. Some of these features are designed to enhance the consumption experience, while others are meant to improve the overall visual experience for the user.

The portability

Like most modern bongs and dab rigs, which are often made of glass or acrylic, the plasma bong is designed to be portable and easy to store. In fact, most plasma bongs can fit in a normal-sized container, although some enthusiasts will normally have a custom-made case for their device. This is one of the main reasons why plasma bongs are quickly becoming so popular among dry herb connoisseurs and hobbyists. They can take the device and use it wherever, whenever. So long as the location allows it and it’s legal, remember that.

One of the key components of the plasma bong is the USB charging cable, which comes with the product when purchased. The USB cable is needed to charge the internal batteries that power the light magic show that happens with every session. Most devices nowadays use type C charging ports for quick charging, although the battery type and configuration may differ between each make and model.

One of the biggest advantages of plasma bongs being so portable is the fact that you can take the device anywhere. As long as there is a dedicated smoking area and you live in a city or state where cannabis consumption is legal, you and your friends will definitely have so much fun in every session, with this kind of device.

The impressive glass light show

Plasma bongs are made of glass or some type of acrylic, although glass is often the preferred material as it is more capable of displaying the light show that’s happening inside the chamber. When it’s dark or if you turn off the lights when using the plasma bong, the device will give you the most amazing light show you will ever see, courtesy of the bubbling plasma inside the chamber.

If you’re going camping or spending the night with friends, you should make sure to bring a plasma bong. Form a circle around a fire pit and pass that bong around, so everyone can experience not just the effects of the flower but also the beautiful light show that you will be getting from the device as it is being used. Multicolored lights will rise every time someone takes a drag from the mouthpiece, and since it’s made of glass, everyone can enjoy the show like fireworks trapped in a bottle.

Multiple mouthpiece options

Depending on the make and model, most plasma bongs in the market will often come with two different options for the mouthpiece, while additional options will be sold separately. The common mouthpiece styles that are included in the package are the standard straight glass pipe and a 45-degree angled glass pipe. If you want something more personalized, there are companies out there that will create custom mouthpieces or any custom parts you want, for that matter.

If you’re a newcomer to the world of plasma bongs, or bongs in general, you should know that different shapes and sizes of mouthpieces can affect the overall experience. So, you should experiment with different mouthpiece styles, designs, and materials to find the experience you feel is best for you. Not everyone feels the same way about a particular type of mouthpiece or another, so it’s good to have more than one option when you’re hosting a session with your friend group.

The ideal weight and weight distribution

Finding the perfect weight that doesn’t affect the portability of the device is ideal. If it’s too heavy, the portability suffers and if it’s too light, it could affect the balance or the sturdiness of the device negatively. The key is to find the perfect balance.

Speaking of balance, the weight distribution can also have an impact on the device’s portability and sturdiness. Ideally, you want most of its weight to be at the base or bottom of the device. This is often the case in most products since the battery is stored at the base of the device and it’s the battery or set of batteries that are responsible for most of the weight.

Having most of the weight located at the base will ensure that the device can support itself, so it doesn’t get tipped over easily when someone accidentally hits the table, for example.

So how do plasma bongs work, exactly?

Well, plasma bongs work in a very interesting manner, but it’s not that far off or as different from a standard glass bong as you might think. When you first purchase a plasma bong, your package will include the main unit or device, a couple of mouthpieces, a bowl, and a USB cable. While the main unit appears to be the chamber that holds the water, it’s actually the site of the plasma light show.

The down stem that is attached to the main chamber is in fact the actual water reservoir. This is where the water goes; i.e., where the bubbling and filtration process happens. At the top of the down step and the water reservoir is the bowl, where your dry flower or herbs go. This is where the combustion occurs to produce the smoke that then gets filtered by the water below once you start inhaling.

During inhalation, the smoke travels from the bowl, down the stem, through the water, and into the main plasma chamber where the device does its thing, producing a light show in style. Finally, the vapor or smoke goes up the mouthpiece and into your lungs.

For the plasma light show to work, the device uses a set of rechargeable, high-drain lithium-ion batteries that are situated at the base of the device. They act as a power source for the light show and as a counterweight to keep the device from easily tipping over.