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Whether you are a new partaker of the greatest herb god has gifted mankind or a seasoned dry herbs enthusiast looking to change the way you consume the plant, there is no denying the fact that we are indeed living in exciting times. This is reflected in the advancements of both the dry herb legislature and the technology that drives the great improvements in the way we consume and experience dry herbs.

With society becoming more accepting of dry herb and as more states are legalizing its use for recreational purposes, we are seeing an upward trend in the market accompanied by an explosion of dry herb paraphernalia that we have never seen or experienced before. Among these emerging dry herb devices that have taken the market and the community by storm are portable dry herb smoking devices powered by batteries, commonly referred to as electric bongs or e-rigs and plasma bongs.

However, as appealing and exciting as these devices for smoking dry herbs are for most enthusiasts, a lot of people still find them unfamiliar, mysterious, and a bit intimidating. So, what exactly are these dry herb smoke machine devices? What is a plasma bong? What is an electric bong? What are their differences, and which one is right for you? In this blog, we will try to uncover the mysteries of electric bongs and plasma bongs, how they work, and what their key differences are.

What exactly is a plasma bong?

In order to fully understand this type of vaporizer smoking device, we must first figure out what a bong is, for those who aren’t familiar with such a device and what it does. Essentially, a bong is a filtration device that is often used for smoking any dry herb substance, which can be tobacco, dry herb, or anything else.

The term plasma is an entirely different matter. We’re going to have to be a bit technical and scientific in explaining what plasma is, just a little bit. Plasma, in a nutshell, is created when gas gets sufficient heat that it transforms into a mixture of free-roaming ions and electrons, which are particles that are positively and negatively charged. These charges cancel each other out, making plasma neutral. But even with this neutrality, plasma looks amazing when used together with a bong.

So, the answer to the question “what is a plasma bong?” is, it’s a smoking or vaporizing machine that that can be used to consume dry herb or any other herbal substance like tobacco, taking the basic mechanics of standard water bongs to a whole new level.

Like most classic bongs, plasma bongs are often made from glass material, allowing users to see the beauty of the light produced by the plasma. Plasma bongs, just like an electric smoking pipe or a laser hookah, need electricity to work. To ensure portability, plasma bongs are equipped with batteries, so they can be carried and used anywhere. However, there are models that work more like a desktop vaporizer, which means they have wires that need to be plugged into a socket.

How do these plasma bongs work?

Plasma bongs work in quite an interesting way, to be honest. Upon purchasing the device, the package will often include a bowl, two or more different mouthpieces, and the main dry herb vaporizer device, depending on the type or model you have. While the main unit looks like the chamber where you would normally place the water in a traditional glass bong, this is the site of the main appeal of all plasma bongs.

Plasma bongs have a somewhat deceiving design, especially if you’re relying solely on the typical design of classic glass bongs. For instance, the down stem that’s attached to the main chamber is the water reservoir. This is where the water goes and the filtration process; i.e., the bubbling happens.

The bowl where you place your dry herb or tobacco is situated at the top of the water reservoir. This is where you light up the substance, which will be filtered by the water. The heated gases and smoke will then go through the main plasma chamber, resulting in a beautiful light show, before going up through the mouthpiece and into your lungs. The base of the device is where the battery is situated, usually 18650 cells, which are rechargeable.

Why should you choose a plasma bong?

It’s no secret that plasma bongs can be quite expensive, especially when compared to the bland, classic-style bongs. But for dry herb enthusiasts, collectors, and hobbyists, plasma bongs can be a worthy investment to add to the collection.

If you’ve been rolling joints and blunts for most of your dry herb-fueled journey of enlightenment, then you know just how costly those methods of consuming dry herb can be. With plasma bongs, you will feel the cost-savings within the first few months, as you realize just how little you need to complement your smoking experience.

Moreover, a dry herb vaporizer bong offers a smoother and more enjoyable experience compared to the classic joints and blunts, or even the good old glass, ceramic, or wood pipe. It’s relatively safer and healthier as well, not to mention the cooler and creamier feel that it provides compared to the dry and harsh experience that you often get from direct smoking.

What exactly is an electric bong?

Now that we have some understanding of what a plasma bong is, let’s dive next into the world of electric bongs, also known as electric dab rigs or e-rigs. Electric bongs are not like your typical glass bong, because they are not designed to vaporize dry herb flowers or buds.

While some electric bongs or e-rigs can be attached to a traditional glass bong, they are specifically designed for vaporizing dry herb-based oils, resins, and extracts or concentrated versions of butane hash oil (BHO), often referred to as wax, shatter, budder, or the more common term, dab. E-rigs are powered by high-drain rechargeable batteries and come with a coil and a nail that is used to heat up and vaporize the dab, creating the vapor that you then inhale.

How do these electric bongs work?

An electric dry herb vaporizer bong, or e-rig, is a good option for people who want a consistent temperature when heating their dabs.

They are simple in design and easy to set up, which makes them very user-friendly. Most electric bongs will have just one or two buttons for operation, a main button, and a select or option button.

One of the key features of electric dab rigs is temperature control. These devices allow users to set up the temperature they want and simply forget it. The system will automatically maintain the temperature at the specified level until it’s changed by the user. An LED display is usually present to help users accurately set their desired temperatures. Most electric bongs can be turned on and off with five consecutive clicks of the main button.

Electric dab rigs work the same way as any classic glass rig, except instead of using a blowtorch to heat a nail, e-rigs come with an e-nail and a coil. The coil and e-nail are temperature controlled, so you can easily maintain the temperature of your dab sessions and not have to worry about overheating or overcooking your dabs, which can taste awful and harsh.

Why should you choose an electric bong?

The electric bong is arguably one of the biggest and most relevant advancements in technology in terms of how we consume dry herbs in oil and wax form. There are a wide variety of ways to consume dry herb flowers and buds, from the classic joints and blunts to water pipes and dry herb vaporizers. However, there are very few methods to consume concentrated versions of BHO safely and effectively, and an electric dab rig is one of them.

While there were initial complaints about e-rigs when they first entered the market, specifically battery issues and the amount of oil or wax the device can handle, the technological advancements and innovations that have come since then have greatly improved the performance and efficiency of electric bongs. This is especially evident when compared to the old-fashioned dabbing devices, which have plenty of issues on their own.

Perhaps the biggest reason why a growing number of dry herb enthusiasts are choosing electric bongs is the fact that they provide better user control, especially when it comes to the temperature. If you’ve ever smoked an overheated or overcooked dab, you know just how nasty and harsh it can be. With an electric dab rig, you’ll never have to worry about temperature consistency. You can set and forget the temperature, and the system will work to maintain that temperature throughout the whole session.

Conclusion: electric bongs vs. plasma bongs

So, for the question at the top of this blog, which is better: electric bongs or plasma bongs? To be honest, there is no objective way to answer this. Deciding which of these devices is better is a subjective matter, not an objective one.

While both devices are powered by batteries, they operate at different levels. One uses batteries to vaporize, while the other uses batteries to produce a light show. One is used for vaporizing dry herbs in oil or wax form, while the other is typically for dry herb buds, tobacco, or other herbs.

So, if you want a safer and more consistent way to dab, then the electric bong is the best option. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a new and exciting way to consume your dry herbs, and get a beautiful light show out of it, you can never go wrong with the plasma bong.