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Pure Laser Combustion

With laser precision for a cleaner smoke.

No Inhaled Butane Chemicals

Breathe easier with chemical-free enjoyment.

Less Oder

Cutting-edge technology for discerning smokers.


Effortless experience, anytime, anywhere.

Customer Reviews

What people are saying about our products

Just Incredible

The Saber has achieved everything that I felt was holding the trident back. No combustion source can get even close to the conservation and pull accuracy of the Saber. Hits never taste bad or go stale and its so easy to handle it doesnt feel like a chore to use or pass around. Perhaps the biggest note to me is the taste and lack of butane though. My herb has never tasted better nor have I ever been able to go long sessions without headaches until now. This piece is incredible and passing up on its purchase will lead to only regret and more empty lighters in our oceans. Great job hitoki.

- Will


I have tried so many ways to smoke flower and get the taste you get from dabs. this thing is it and then some. just fire the laser and get huge clouds. each cylinder gives about 4-6 hits. it tastes the same from the first hit to the last. really.....this is the best device ever!!!!

- Steve

The Future

As someone who suffers from asthma, this piece changed my life. I can smoke a lot more weed and get a lot more high. The amount of money I've saved is on real. The cleanest way to smoke by far, and i can taste everything. Portable and a good crowd pleaser, the sesh will thank you. There's no reason why anyone shouldn't own this its the fucking future

- Jake

It is the best

I have said it before and I will keep saying it, the Saber is the best device I have ever used. It hits big and wonderful puffs of joy! I am 76 yrs old and a very heavy smoker. Weed keeps me sane since the passing of the love of my life. Together for 53 years. The Saber uses just a little bit of weed and in the long run, I will save $$$$. In addition, their customer service is beyond astonishing. I reached out on several occasions and their response has been immediate and they have always alleviated my concerns. A word about cleaning, take their advice and clean it often. I got lazy and needed to be more active in keeping it clean to keep enjoying it. What more can I say, except buy one and get some of the best customer service ever!!

- Davida

Trident Laser

The Trident Laser

The best at home smoking device

The Hitoki laser pipe delivers the best flavor possible by utilizing only light energy to light your dry herbs, much like when you use the sun and a magnifying glass. This means when you inhale all you take in is the plant. Our customers are reporting unbeatable flavor and more potent effect so they can save money on their stash. If your looking for the ultimate home smoking experience and hate that most smoking devices have poor battery power then the Trident was made for you. Best flavor, more potent effects, industry leading battery power.

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Saber Bubbler Bundle

The Saber Laser

The portable modular design

The Saber is the mini version of the OG Trident with a few different features. Delivers the same performance as the Trident with flavor, potency and smooth draws. The Saber was designed for people who value portability and being able to attach to other glass water pipes.
Use the Saber with our easy to clean Bubbler that doubles as a cleaning tool, our portable attachment that features a spill resistant Bubbler for on the go sessions or connect to your favorite glass water pipe with 14 or 18 mm fitting, upgrading your favorite glass piece with lasers is safe and easy.

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Advantages of Hitoki laser

Stronger Effects

Less cough experience

Best Flavor Possible

FDA Standard Safe Design

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