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Trident Pro Bundle

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‚ÄúThe newly unveiled Trident represents the pinnacle of Hitoki‚Äôs dedication to innovation‚ÄĚ

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Delivers the best flavor quality

Smooth Hits

Delivers the best flavor quality

Hitoki laser system offers the best tasting and smoothest smoking experience by utilizing lasers to ignite your flower. Say goodbye to butane lighter fumes that take away the flavors of your terps and makes for a harsher inhale. 

The best of both worlds

Multiple Styles

The best of both worlds

The Trident has two styles of attachments. The hookah style hose makes it easy to share with group sessions while the adjustable mouthpiece is more compact with a water pipe style vibes

Industry leading power

Laser Ignition

Industry leading power

Forget having to charge daily or even weekly. The Trident features fast USB-C charging and has a powerful battery that will hold over 280 laser ignitions on a single charge.

Load. Lock. Light.

Ready to go in 3 easy steps

Load. Lock. Light.

Load the loading chamber, lock the interlocks and light the laser.

Single Button Ignition

Easy To Use

Single Button Ignition

The Trident’s elegant design features a one button function with LED feedback that makes it user friendly offering three power levels indicated by color.

Low (Red) is for dry blends.
Medium (Green) for denser blends.
High (Blue) for blends infused with oils. 

Attachment Comparison

We’ve got a solution for everyone. Compare our attachments to find what’s right for you.

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Eliminate butane fume chemicals and elevate your smoking experience using laser combustion technology.