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Using bongs for smoking cannabis has become quite popular in recent years. This has encouraged manufacturers to regularly come up with different bong designs and models. So apart from the standard bongs, you’ll also find customized bongs, designer bongs, aesthetically pleasing bongs, and high-tech bongs. There’s a bong for practically any type of bong user. For seasoned smokers, however, bong accessories are just as important as the kind of bong they are using.

A bong accessory is something that you add or attach to your bong to enhance your smoking experience. A bong accessory can be used to improve hits, making them smoother. Some bong accessories help you cool down more efficiently while others are used to make the cleaning process simpler. These accessories can also reduce drag and improve filtration. Some of the best bong accessories are added to personalize their bongs so they will suit their style and preferences.

Bong accessory

Generally, these accessories are intended to make your overall bong smoking experience smoother, more effective, complete, and more satisfying.

Bong Accessories You Need

Bongs are preferred by a lot of cannabis smokers because of their filtering feature. It removes impurities by filtering out the smoke. So, if you want a smooth and flavorful smoke, you’ll want to add bong accessories.   

Here are some of the best bong accessories that you should add to your list if you want to elevate every smoking session to a better, more powerful level. This includes a description of the accessory and how it helps enhance the bong smoking experience.

  1. Ash Catcher

If you want a clean, filtered bong, you’ll want to add an ash catcher to your bong. As its name implies, this accessory is made to catch or trap ash so that it will not enter the main chamber of your bong. Keeping debris away from your bong will not only ensure that your device is clean but will also give you a better cannabis smoking experience.

There are different styles of ash catchers in the market. You can choose a simple standard ash catcher or grab something that’s out-of-the-box, such as one that comes with a percolator.

An ash catcher is positioned between the bong’s downstem and the bowl. It catches debris and ash through its water-filled small chamber.

  1. Percolator

If you find yourself always wishing for a smoother bong experience, you’ll need to purchase a percolator. This accessory uses water to diffuse smoke so that it is filtered and cooled before getting into the lungs. Percolators are ideal for smokers who sometimes cough after taking a hit. With a percolator, your bong’s hits become smoother as it minimizes or eliminates toxins and other irritants such as ash and tar. Every hit will also be more flavorful and satisfying.


Percolators are also effective in reducing drag, so inhaling and exhaling will not be a problem.

There are different types of percolators that you can choose from:

  • Showerhead percolator – No, this does not resemble the showerhead in your bathroom, but it has a similar function. This percolator has two pipes—one that takes away the smoke from the bong’s bowl, pressing it into and out of the water and another one that is inverted inside the first pipe. It minimizes VOC or volatile organic compounds and enhances the bong’s flavor.
  • Honeycomb percolator – Honeycombs have tiny holes, and this percolator has some as well. It also has flat discs, which is where the holes are. This accessory helps improve filtration and cooling.
  • In-Line percolator – This percolator also has holes like the honeycomb. There is a linear tube as well, which is where the creation of the holes takes place. The smoke from your bong will go through the holes so it is diffused. As such, your device produces a more flavorful smoke.

There are other types of percolators but these three are the most popular in today’s bong accessories market.

  1. Ice Catcher

An ice catcher is one of the unique bong accessories that you will find in the market. It can be added or attached to a traditional bong, but it works best if used with an ice bong.

You’ll need an ice catcher if you want to enjoy buttery and cooler hits. Ice cubes are placed along the bong’s neck (the area that goes up to the water chamber) or smoke path. The smoke will pass through these cubes and release a cooling effect. As the smoke gets into your mouth, your throat will be cooled as you inhale. The cooling effect can reduce or eliminate irritation.

With an ice catcher, the discomfort that you feel when you draw in big rips will be avoided.

  1. Grinder

Wouldn’t you want to grind your herbs? If you put an entire bud into your bong, you won’t get the hit that you expect. You’ll have to grind or crush it first. It’s just like what joint smokers do—they take away the stems and seeds first before they roll it to make a joint. This is why you need a grinder.

Grinders will crush your buds into the lightest and finest pieces that you want. With crushed buds in your bong, you won’t have to worry about resin or ash buildup. Ground buds are also easier to smoke and ensure powerful and satisfying hits.

  1. Dab Tool

This type of bong accessory is ideal for smokers who like dabbing or taking cannabis in concentrated form. Dabbing or dab tools help make loading concentrates, which are usually waxy and sticky, easier. These dab bong accessories are sold in different sizes and shapes. You can go for a simple metal dab tool or choose an intricately styled one that has multiple tips.

Dab tools can be personalized by adding engraving and handles or using materials that match your style preference.

  1. Carb Cap

Another unique bong accessory that’s perfect for smokers who love to dab is the carb cap. This accessory has a straightforward purpose: to cover the banger and make sure that air does not go out or get in when the dab is already well-heated. Carb caps are bong attachments that are essential for ensuring proper temperature so that you’ll get the best hits from your device.

With the carb cap on, a vacuum is created and you’re guaranteed to enjoy controlled and smoother hits.

  1. Bowl Screens

Bowl screens are unique bong accessories that you need to keep your bong safe from damage. The screens are used to cover the bong’s bowl, regardless of type and style, so that the bowl is protected once you light your buds. Bowl screens are easy to bend so you won’t have a difficult time covering the whole bowl.

  1. Filters and Mouthpiece

A bong’s delivery head is exposed to dirt and bacteria, so you are as well. This is the reason why some bong users add a silicone mouthpiece to their stack of bong accessories. If you decide to purchase one, choose a mouthpiece that has an activated charcoal filter. This is called the mouthpiece/bong filter and has two major effects: prevent bacteria from spreading and enhance the flavor coming from your bong—since it removes contaminants such as resin and tar.

Silicone mouthpiece

Standard mouthpieces are also essential add-ons because they help you feel comfortable while using the bong.

  1. Quartz Banger

Made from the finest quality of quartz, the quartz banger does not shatter or crack when exposed to high temperatures. You can use this instead of the usual metal nails when you dab. You’ll get smoother, more flavorful hits. You won’t taste metal in your mouth.

These are just some of the many add-on accessories that you can purchase for your bong.

What to Look for When Buying Bong Accessories

If you’ve decided to start getting bong accessories, here are a few tips for finding and choosing the best ones:

  1. Choose an accessory that fits and is compatible with your bong.

An accessory or attachment that does not fit your bong or is not compatible with it will be useless. Your bong won’t be effective, and your sessions will be a waste of time. So, before you buy one, make sure that you have all the necessary details about your bong. Compare these with the details or specifications of the accessory that you plan to purchase.

Additionally, make sure that you choose one that’s made of durable and safe materials.

  1. Consider your budget.

You have to consider the price of the accessory or accessories that you want to get. It has to match your budget. This doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll have to sacrifice quality just because you need to go for the cheaper or more affordable one. Like your bong, every accessory that you get is an investment. So, choose one that fits your budget but be mindful of the value and quality of your choices.

The best thing to do is to choose two or three accessories from different suppliers and compare their prices and features.

  1. Research

Look for user reviews online or on the supplier’s website. Consumer reviews provide important insights about the product you are about to buy.


Bong accessories are what make your every bong experience flavorful, smooth, and satisfying. You don’t have to buy everything all at once, one at a time will do. Just make sure that you choose a reliable manufacturer, such as Hitoki.