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Over the years, more and more people have switched to vaporizers or vapes for their dry herbs. This is not to say, however, that good old bongs have gone out of style. Despite the many changes and advancements in the industry, bongs continue to be popular among many dry herb users. Vapes are just as popular as well. This is one of the reasons for the never-ending bong vs. vape debate.

More people have switched to vaporizers

Which one delivers the best vaping experience, the bong or the vape? Which of the two should dry herb users have for smooth and flavorful vaping?

While both methods have their advantages and disadvantages and features and functionalities, it is also important to consider other vital aspects when choosing the one that best answers your needs and preferences.

Dry herb smoking has been practiced for ages, particularly in Central Asia and South Africa. The earliest record that proves bongs were already used centuries ago dates to 400 BC, although Ethiopian graves in 14000 CE were said to have contained early forms of bongs.

Vaping, on the other hand, has been around since the time of the Indians and Egyptians in the days of ancient civilization. The science that vaporizers use for heating dry herbs is centuries old as well. The Egyptians used hemp seeds that they positioned atop scorching rocks. They waited until the rocks heated up and vaporized before inhaling the vapor. It’s a concept similar to what dry herb vaporizers go through.

It is no wonder then that bongs and vaporizers are common and popular nowadays—because they’ve been used for various purposes by different groups of people throughout the centuries. Nowadays, they play an important role for people who want the best dry herb experience. As such, the question is not how valuable they are but what sets them apart from each other that would make people choose them.

Let’s start the bong vs. vape discussion by looking at their strongest points.


Advantages of Bongs

Advantages of Bongs

Bongs are simple to use. They are offered as a set—a chamber, mouthpiece, bowl, and stem. The chamber is filled with water to ensure that hits are pure and smooth. The bowl is then loaded with dry herbs and lit. You can start inhaling from the mouthpiece and enjoy a fulfilling vaping experience.

In the meantime, here are some of the most notable advantages of a bong:

  • Smoking a bong is simple. All that you need is one or two big bong hits, and you’ll already feel the weed get into your body. On the other hand, most vaporizers are designed to work similarly to a hookah or shisha. You’ll take in multiple draws before the vape shuts off. Bongs, therefore, are faster in terms of hits. Their effect is harder as well compared to that of the vaporizer draws. The bong’s harder hit is also because of the high temperatures.
  • A bong high is often clean but can sometimes be heavy and overwhelming.
  • A bong has a compartment where water is stored. This is where the smoke that comes from the burnt herbs goes. The water functions similarly as a filter and helps reduce impurities and irritants.
  • Bongs are typically made of silicone or glass, so they’re easy to clean. If you need to wash and clean them, you only need to put them under running water and they’ll be cleaned. You can also choose to soak your bong in a cleaning solution that will easily remove all the dirt and residues on your bong.
  • Bongs are considered clean and easy to maintain. It needs only minimal maintenance.


Types of Bongs

Here is a breakdown of some of the most common types of bongs:

  • Beaker Bong – This is the classic type of bong and is known for its good design and stability. It’s sturdy. You can filter the smoke by adding a diffused downstem. The beaker bong often has ice notches for cooling down the smoke.
  • Cylinder Bong – Another popular type, the cylinder or straight tube bong is so-named because of its shape. It’s simple and inexpensive but you can add an ice catcher and percolator to it to make it fancy.
  • Multi-chamber Bong – This type of bong has two or more percolators, which are there to catch water that filters the smoke. In other words, they act like filters.
  • Matrix Bongs – This is a 360-degree percolator that transforms smoke into small bubbles. They’re ideal for maximum smoke diffusion.
  • Mini Bong – The mini bong is only around six to 10 inches standing. To filter smoke, it uses water. This is a simpler version of the classic water bong.


Advantages of Vaporizers

Using a vape is easy. All that you need is your vaporizer and dry herbs. Heat your device according to instructions then inhale using a mouthpiece so you can bask in its potent vapor and exhilarating vaping effects.

Right now, let’s look at some of the advantages that you will enjoy if you use vaporizers for your dry herbs:

  • Vaporizers are not odor-free but they do give off a pleasant smell. This smell is less intense than the bong’s. Additionally, the vapor does not stay in the room, so no smoke lingers.
  • If you want to use a bong despite having a vaporizer, you can make this happen because vaporizers often have pockets or compartments for bongs.
  • Vaporizers are portable. You can take them wherever you want to go, and you don’t have to worry about fitting them inside your pocket or bag.
  • One of the main reasons why switching to vaporizers has been popular throughout the years—the taste. Compared to bongs, vapes taste good. They give off full flavors that will make your every vaping experience extra memorable.


Additionally, you won’t have to worry about getting bong breath and bong teeth. Vaporizers do not leave an odor on your mouth, lips, and tongue.

  • While vape hits may not be as fast and hard as the bongs’, vapes use lesser weed without altering its flavorful effect. Your vape high will be an experience in itself because of all the aroma and flavor all around you.
  • Customizing the experience is easy for vape users because of temperature control features. If they want a mild experience but flavorful experience, for example, they can lower the temperature as they hit their cannabis. For a stronger effect, temperatures should be set higher.
  • Vaping is considered the healthier and safer option to smoking.
  • The best advantage that vaporizers have over bongs is their no-combustion characteristic. As such, there is no real smoke, which equates to zero toxic fumes. What you are burning when you use vaporizers is cannabis, a plant. Therefore, your lungs are safe from tar and other harmful elements.


Types of Vaporizers

Now let’s put out a list of some popular types of vapes:

Types of Vaporizers

  • Vape Mods – These vaporizers stand out because of their firepower. These mods are also easy to personalize. They are capable of producing bigger clouds. They are innovative, visually stunning, and categorized into regulated and unregulated vape mods.
  • Vape Pens – These vapes are shaped cylindrically and are made available in different styles. They are a bit bigger than cig-a-likes, their predecessors. These vapes first came out in the middle of the year 2000s.
  • Cig-a-Likes – So-called because they look like cigarettes, these vapes are the first option of most first-timers, Cig-A-Likes are also called electronic cigarettes.
  • Pod Mods – These are the latest devices in the vaping industry. They need nicotine salt e-juices and are considered the closest thing to a cigarette. These low-wattage vapes are creating quite a stir among vaping communities.


Is It Better to Use a Bong or a Vape?

As both bongs and vapes have solid advantages, the question now is not which one is better, but which one is ideal for what you need. For example, if you want something that allows you to customize your dry herb consumption, you go for the vaporizer as it allows you to customize the temperature.

If you want something that gives you a quick hit, then you’ll have to go for bongs because their hits are quick and hard.

It’s not just about bong vs. vape; your choice is entirely dependent on what you are looking for and how you want to be satisfied.


Using Bong with a Vape

If you cannot decide which of the two suits you best or if you want the best of both worlds, then your only option would be to use the two together. But is this possible?

The vapor that vapes produce is often hot and dry. This endangers and irritates your windpipe and bronchi. The best solution for this would be to use your vaporizer together with a bong. What you’ll do is create a water filtration system for your vape so that the vapor can cool down before it gets into your throat.



The bong vs. vape debate will continue for years no matter how many times it has been talked about. It’s something that’s deeply rooted in the vaping community. The good news is that regardless of whether you choose a dry herb or a bong, the vaping industry is continuously growing. More and more people are discovering vaping as well. 

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If you’re a first-time vape user, you can choose from the types of vapes listed above if you’re unsure which one to buy. If you want to try out the bong, Hitoki lasers offer an excellent introduction. Their ease of use and precise temperature control make them a beginner-friendly choice, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable cannabis experience.