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Buying a laser bong is not a one-step process. There are several things that you need to consider, one of the most important being the laser bong price. With all the innovations and advanced technologies featured in some bong brands and designs, prices are quite high for some.

There are bongs with laser beams and there are those that come with accessories intended to make every experience a memorable one. Some laser bongs look like visual art masterpieces while others are minimalistic but sleek and elegant. Some brands come with innovative filtration features while some feature a laser light show.

However, physical characteristics and features are not the only factors that affect laser bong price; other elements are just as important. Let’s find out what these are.

Components That Affect Laser Bong Price

Components That Affect Laser Bong Price

Laser bong manufacturers look at several components when considering the pricing of their products. These are the factors that affect the value or cost of every bong in the market:

  • Material

The kind of material used for an electric bong has a significant effect on a user’s smoking experience. It is also a vital element in the durability of a bong. The longer lasting a laser bong is, the more popular it is. And the more durable it is, the more efficient a bong is. The kind of material that electric bongs are made of significantly affects its overall performance.

Some of the common materials laser bongs are made of include glass, silicone, acrylic, and ceramic. Acrylic bongs are probably the most affordable, but they may not be as durable as other materials.

  • Style or Design

The style or design of your laser bong is also an important factor. The simpler bongs are often priced more affordably. The sleek, sophisticated, minimalistic-designed electric bongs, on the other hand, may be priced higher. The more expensive ones are often the bongs with high-tech designs.

Percolator bongs filter smoke and are considered quite complicated. They can be expensive. Portable electric bongs are handheld devices that are convenient to bring on your travels. Some designs are simple but there are others with modern and innovative styles and may even be customizable. These are the ones that are often priced over $100.

  • Portability

Portability is not just about the size of your laser bong; it is also about the material’s durability. For example, bongs that are damage-resistant are safer to use and bring anywhere. Glass bongs, for instance, can easily break. Silicone ones are more damage-resistant, so they are often priced higher than the popular glass electric bongs.

  • Size

As previously mentioned, bong size is a vital factor and it’s not only because of portability but also because it is convenient. And while there are small-sized electric bongs that are simple, there are also those that come with several features and additional accessories.

So, while smaller bongs are often cheaper than the bigger, bulkier ones, there are also small-sized electric bongs in the high-price bracket.

  • Features

The number and type of features that an electric bong has is another essential factor in determining its value and place in the market. Smokers want a device that’s capable of giving them the best hits and flavor.

Manufacturers often put affordable price tags on electric bongs that come with only a few (i.e., the basic) features. The more features there are, the higher the value and price of the device.

  • Brand or Maker

The brand or manufacturer is a significant pricing factor for bongs, especially if the brand is popular and known for creating high-quality products.

  • Additional Costs

While some electronic bongs are sold in sets or kits, others come with only the basic smoking needs, such as the down stem, bowl, battery, and charger. If you want a fuller experience, you can accessorize your bong, but you will have to spend more than you originally intended.

Bongs with basic features and functionalities have cheaper price tags.

Where the electronic bong is sold also has an impact on the price of the device. Nowadays, most brands have online retail shops that allow smokers to purchase any product they want to without leaving the comforts of their homes. Online shops typically have lower costs, so their products often have lower price tags compared to the ones sold in brick-and-mortar shops.

How to Find the Right Laser Bong at the Right Price

How to Find the Right Laser Bong at the Right Price

Given the components listed above, let me say this again: finding the right laser bong at the right price is not easy.

While budget bongs, such as clear straight tubes, are often priced at less than $50, not all of them are of good quality. So, you’ll probably end up wasting your money in the end.

In the same manner, some electric bongs that are priced at over $250, with possible additional expense for accessories, can be a good buy despite their high price. Hitoki’s Trident Laser Bong, for example, is priced at about $499 but its advanced laser technology, sleek design, and no-butane flavor are more than enough reasons for you to spend your money on.

So, it is important to know what to look for if you are planning to buy a laser bong at a good price. Everyone has a different need or preference but there are certain things that anyone should consider making sure that they are choosing a bong that’s ideal for them.

  1. Research

Before making any decisions, find time to do some research by checking out two or three brands or designs of laser bongs. Do a comparison of their features, functionalities, attachments, accessories, and other vital characteristics. Don’t forget to consider pricing as well.

Make a list for each brand or design and choose the one that you believe resonates best with what you need or prefer. It’s like an elimination process; you cross out those that do not make an impact on you.

  1. Quality

How do you know that the bong you have your eye on is of good quality? Simple—ask questions and get feedback from those who have used the device. There are numerous reviews online, but the best ones are often found on manufacturers’ websites.

You can also talk to friends who have tried the bong. Good quality electric bongs are long-lasting, produce satisfying flavors and hits, and are feature-rich.

  1. Features

The best bongs to buy are the ones with all the necessary features, plus more. These bongs may cost more than $50 or even $100 but you will get the best out of your investment in the long run. After all, the right price does not necessarily mean the cheapest rate.

Which features should a high-quality laser bong have? To answer this, we need to look at any of Hitoki’s state-of-the-art bongs.

The Trident V2, one of Hitoki’s battery-powered superstar water bongs, is designed for the modern minimalist cannabis smoker. One of its unique features, the laser beam, can be seen through the transparent device when the bong is in action.  It comes with all the important accessories and features, such as a loading chamber, the laser device, a hose connector, a silicone hookah hose, and a metal compressor. It is safe to use because it is butane-free.

Another unique feature is its power indicator, which has three levels classified by color: red for low, green for medium, and blue for high. 

This Hitoki laser bong is priced at $350.

Another Hitoki bong, the Saber, is the more compact version of the Trident. But make no mistake because it is just as packed with features as the Trident. The Saber is also a no-butane device and comes with various accessories, including a ceramic loading chamber, a bubbler, and a poker. You can attach the Saber to a water pipe.

The Saber, just like Hitoki Trident, has locks that help keep the device safe.

This portable bong produces clean draws and can be used for micro-dosing. It is currently priced at $339.99.

  1. Material and Design

It’s important to choose electric bongs that are made of top-quality materials. Ceramic bongs, glass bongs, and acrylic bongs are just some of the options that you can choose from. For some, the best water bong is made of glass even if it can break easily. This is because of the emergence of tough and durable glass bongs, such as the Hitoki models.

Sleek, clean, stylish, and minimalist designs make bongs look and feel sophisticated. You wouldn’t want a bong that looks outdated, would you?

There are other factors to consider if you want to choose the smoothest bongs at the best prices. It’s important to also determine the value of your investment in the long run, so basing your decision primarily on the price will never do you any good.


The laser bong will continue to make an impact in the cannabis smokers’ market in the next couple of years. From a $2.0 billion value in 2021, it is expected to increase to at least $3.1 billion by 2031. Meanwhile, prices can also go up. Knowing and understanding the factors that affect their pricing will help you choose the right electric bong at the right price.

With Hitoki lasers, you'll not only stay ahead of the trend but also enjoy top-tier quality and innovation. Discover the perfect balance of technology and affordability— choose Hitoki for a smoking experience that transcends expectations.