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If you enjoy your greens and partake of the devil’s lettuce from time to time, whether you prefer the dry herb or the waxy, “buddery” stuff, then you must have heard about electric bongs, also referred to as electric dab rigs or e-rigs. If so, then you must also wonder what exactly the hype around this rig is all about. Read on if you want answers.

Electric bongs are modern forms of the traditional desktop vaporizer and while they are fairly new to the market, they are revolutionizing the world of concentrates by providing enthusiasts with a cleaner, easier, and more convenient means of enjoying their favorite dabs with the least bit of hassle.

Whether you’re new to the dabbing game or an experienced recreational user just looking for a more modern and convenient method of consuming concentrates, the electric bong might just be what you’re looking for.

An electric bong is a relatively recent addition to the world of devices that are specifically tailored for vaporizing THC concentrates and waxes, known as dabs. It utilizes part of the technology that has given rise to the dry herb vaporizer, a battery-powered device that vaporizes dry herbs through either conduction or convection heating.

In fact, both the electric bong and the vaporizer smoking device for dry herbs work pretty much the same. The key difference is that they are designed to vaporize different byproducts of the herb. One vaporizes dry flowers by subjecting them to high temperatures, while the other works on the oil concentrates that are extracted from the herb itself, known in the industry as butane hash oil or BHO.

Electric bongs combine the technology behind devices for smoking herbs with good old electricity, similar to the electric smoking pipe or the portable vaporizer for dry herbs. This particular vaporizing machine is also capable of delivering high temperatures to vaporize BHO, wax, or budder, providing users with a unique and truly intense experience in every session.

Electric bongs or e-rigs are typically shaped just like any conventional water pipe or classic glass rig that is available in most shops. It uses standard voltages to generate the appropriate temperatures that will then heat the nail efficiently and quickly. Unlike classic glass rigs, however, an electric bong or laser bong eliminates the need for open/naked flames to produce the smoke that is inhaled (or in this case, vapor). While traditional dab rigs require the use of compact volatile butane torches, electric bongs do not.

Electric bongs are specifically tailored for those who prefer minimal smoke and odor from their dabs, while still being able to enjoy the pure flavor and intensity of their favorite concentrates. Also, electric bongs are a lot safer compared to traditional open-flame rigs. So there’s that aspect that you might want to take into account when deciding whether or not to go into the world of e-rigs.

How does an electric bong work?

If you’re familiar with how to use a dry herb vaporizer, learning the ins and outs of an electric bong shouldn’t be that much of a challenge.

But what is a dry herb vaporizer and what does a vaporizer do? These are often the questions that people who are completely new to the world of vaporizers ask. The TLDR for dry herb vaporizers is electronic devices that use some type of heating element to efficiently vaporize your dry flowers through either conduction or convection heating. Some are large and tethered to a power outlet, while others are portable and powered by a single 18350 or 18650 cell.

An electric bong adheres mostly to the same principles in terms of the power source and the heating technology. The key difference lies in the structure of the device and the product that it is designed to work on. Electric bongs are shaped like your standard dab rig or water pipe, but with a few differences.

To use an electric bong, first, you must load your wax or budder onto the nail and then you simply press the power button. This will get the device to start heating the nail, which is typically made from quartz, to your preferred temperature. The device works to spread the heat across the quartz nail as evenly as possible. As soon as the nail reaches the set temperature, you can then use a dabber to safely place your wax concentrate onto the hot nail and begin your vaping session.

One of the key advantages of electric bongs over the classic glass rig is the built-in temp control feature that restricts overheating. The best electric bongs on the market are not only capable of reaching your desired temperature, but they can also maintain that temperature to avoid overcooking the concentrate. This means you get better flavor, cleaner vapor, and a better overall experience with every session.

Electric bong: basic parts and accessories

The dab rig has come a long way since the earlier design of the classic borosilicate glass mini setups with quartz bangers or other traditional types of dab nails. While many enthusiasts still enjoy the classic glass rigs, a lot of people now opt for the new generation of hybrid or electric-powered devices for vaporizing their concentrates.

One of the most basic parts of electric bongs is the battery or the power cord, depending on how the device is designed. Desktop electric bongs usually have a power cord that you plug into a power source, while the portable electric rigs come with a rechargeable battery to power the device. This battery can either be removable or built directly into the device.

Electric bongs heat the quartz nail via a heating element, which is another key part of the device. The heating element is heated by the electricity and it allows for a dabbing session without using any torches or other tools with open flames. This part is what makes electric bongs so convenient and safe, especially for on-the-go dabbing.

Electric bongs or e-rigs also come with built-in or removable glass chambers with their unique advantages. The glass chamber in the most well-designed electric bongs can provide an additional level of filtration, ensuring a cleaner and more flavorful dabbing experience. This component bridges the gap between most classic glass rigs and these modern electric devices.

Electric bongs are often sold as a complete kit that includes various accessories and tools, such as carb caps, cleaning accessories, and dabber tools. Now, this can either be a pro or a con, depending on user preference. Some people like to fully customize their dab rig to suit their style, although there are custom modders out there who will gladly customize your stock electric bong, in exchange for a fee, to match your preference and style. However, you should know that most electric bongs are covered by a limited manufacturer warranty, so customizing your device might void the warranty.

There are plenty of online stores that sell customized parts and accessories for your electric bong. They offer accessories for different models and every shape, size, or color to beautify or improve the performance of your e-rig. You can choose from a plethora of adapters, slides, downstems, dabbers, and other parts and accessories that might be compatible with your electronic device.

Apart from parts and accessories that go directly into the device, there are also the quality-of-life accessories that you can purchase for your electric bong, such as a protective storage container. While this is a popular and quite common accessory for users of traditional glass rigs, protective containers are also very useful for securing electric bongs and e-rigs, especially if you’re taking the device everywhere most of the time. Moreover, there are also safety containers and medical-grade silicone for your glass pieces, cleaners, and other portable parts.

Choosing the right electric bong parts and accessories

Choosing the right electric bong can be challenging enough for the uninitiated, let alone picking out the appropriate parts and accessories. If you’re a seasoned dabbing enthusiast and are familiar with electric bongs, then you might already know which parts and accessories you want for your device.

On the other hand, for those who are new to the world of electric bongs, the key to choosing the right parts and accessories begins with picking the right device. As previously mentioned, most electric bongs on the market already come with all the necessary parts and accessories, as they are sold as a complete kit. Even cleaning tools are often included, so you can immediately start your dabbing session using the device right out of the box.

However, if you’re set on customizing your device, there are plenty of online shops that sell parts and accessories for specific models of electric bongs. You just have to make sure that you are getting the right part or accessories for your specific device. If you’re getting a protective case for your electric bong, for instance, make sure that it’s the right fit and the material is of good quality. The price point can also be a determining factor for choosing any accessory, so you should consider that as well.

Finding the right electric bong is where it all begins. Find the right device that suits your dabbing style and preference, and once you’re familiar with the device, you can begin searching for the parts and accessories to customize it. Just be sure to consider the warranty of your device before you start swapping parts and adding accessories.