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Bongs are not as sleek or stylish as vapes, but they get the job done. You get the high you want. They used to be the most popular option for smoking cannabis, but they’ve been overshadowed by vapes. Nevertheless, they’re still popular. They still sell like hotcakes… err, brownies. Best of all, a lot of celebrities swear by their bongs, so much so that some of them have come up with their premium bong collection.

Some of the world’s most famous and respected celebrities have openly endorsed certain premium bongs, while some others have created and sold their brands. There are also celebrities who have partnered with designers and companies in designing high-quality bongs.

Let’s check out some of these celebrities who have been slowly making their mark in the bong market.

Celebrities and Their Premium Bong Collections

Celebrities and Their Premium Bong Collections

As of the fourth quarter of 2023, around 25 states have fully legalized flower for medicinal purposes. These states have also decriminalized flower use. It is no surprise, therefore, that actors, athletes, rockers, rappers, and artists of all kinds have been vocal about their cannabis use and their choice of bongs. Here are some of these celebrities and the bongs that they endorse, use, and designed or created:

Snoop Dogg: POUNDS

Anybody who knows Snoop Dogg knows that his music and career have always been associated with cannabis and flower culture. One of his first investments was with a medical cannabis delivery service in California eight years ago in 2015. He also introduced a line of products that included flower flowers and concentrates called Eaze.

The rapper’s latest venture is Pounds, a brand known for its bubblers and premium bongs. The glass bong designs are inspired by spacecraft and are intended for weed smokers of all ages, experience, and levels.

Pounds’ most expensive bong is the triple dose percolator Battleship Rig, which is sold at $279.99. It is 12.5 inches in height and is made of borosilicate glass (boron trioxide and silica), which prevents thermal shock. The Battleship is ideal for both concentrates and dry herbs.

Pounds’ most affordable bong is the Starship, which is priced at below $110. The collection has bongs suited for all weed smokers as the models, designs, sizes, and shapes of the bongs vary.

Trailer Park Boys: The Kitty Love Bong

Canada’s Trailer Park Boys are known for their premium bongs. Their silicone bongs are well-crafted and made of the safest high-quality BPA-free food-grade silicone. They also have glass water bongs that are affordable but provide the best smoking experience and are creative and durable.

However, if you are a cat lover who loves a good cannabis smoke experience, you’ll love the popular and well-loved The Kitty Love Bong. Considered one of their fancy bongs, the Kitty is beautifully designed with adorable cat faces. Glass beads also cover the neck part of the bong while the downstem, the handle of the bowl, the mouthpiece, and the flat base have black glass accents.

It is a high-quality bong as it is made of durable materials, including heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Its bong height is from 30cm to 40cm.

Marley Family: Marley Natural Water Pipe

The late great Rastafarian and musician Bob Marley was a cannabis enthusiast his entire lifetime. In his remembrance, and as a tribute to him, Marley’s family established Marley Natural, a shop that’s dedicated to selling and promoting natural smoking products, accessories, whole flowers, and Jamaican botanicals-containing hemp oil skincare items.

The Marley Natural Water Pipe is one of their bestsellers. Made of sustainable black walnut and borosilicate glass, this simple but stylish and elegant bong has an ice pinch that allows users to experience cooler vapors and a smooth and satisfying cannabis smoking experience, thanks to its 5-hole downstem. This premium bong also has luxurious wood.

It is easy to use and cleaning it is a simple task as its sections are removable.

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong: Cheech and Chong Glass

Everyone who smokes cannabis should know Cheech & Chong. They have been in too many stoner movies since the 1970s. They now have cheechandchongglass.com, a company that offers various flower-related products, including water pipes, bubblers, hand pipes, and other glassware. What makes their products stand out are their funny designs.

Two of their more popular products are the Emergency Ward Flower Bubbler and the Low Rider Laid Back tube water pipe. The Emergency Ward is priced at $297.50, which makes it the most expensive in their product lineup. The Low Rider, on the other hand, is one of their more affordable models with a retail price of $97.99.

Cheech & Chong also has a beaker-style bong called the Pedro Bong. Its simple design is not the only thing that attracts smokers as it is also compact, which means it is easy to carry around. The Pedro Bong uses pure water to deliver cool hits.

B-Real: Dr. Greenthumb’s X Stundenglass Gravity Infuser

Cypress Hill’s B-Real has partnered with Stundenglass to create Dr. Greenthumb’s X Stundenglass Gravity Infuser, an elegant and sophisticated glass hookah. It is made of anodized aluminum—the same grade used in aircraft, and borosilicate glass.

Aside from the glass globes and anodized aluminum frame, each Dr. Greenthumb’s X Stundenglass Gravity Infuser comes with a glass liner, aluminum hookah, silicone hose assembly, cleaning kit, and infusion chamber assembly. It gives off the most satisfying hits through its patented infusion technology.

Its futuristic design is one of the things that attract cannabis smokers to B-Real’s gravity infuser. It is its silicone hose—all three feet of it, however, that allows for cool direct draws. It is one of the good quality bongs that is making its presence felt in the market nowadays.

Bongs by Renowned Artists

Artists are also celebrities in their own right and many of them have created their versions of high-quality bongs. Here are some of them:

Paul Arnhold

Artist and respected glassblower Paul Arnhold has partnered with luxury brand Flower by Edie Parker in creating candy-colored glass bongs. It is a testament to Arnhold and Brett Heyman’s (Edie Parker founder) love and appreciation for handmade art and weed. Its vintage-like look, vivid patterns, and happy colors are similar to Arnhold’s vase designs. This glass bong is, more than anything else, a work of art.

Arnhold’s bongs are for smokers who get their satisfaction from basement sessions with friends—or artist friends and art dealers.

Serena Confalonieri

Designer Serena Confalonieri lives in Italy, where cannabis has yet to be legalized. This did not stop her, though, from creating beautiful, intricate, and curvy glass bongs. The Nebula Collection combines the unique purpose of cannabis and her design, which was inspired by smoke spirals. Her goal in creating the artistic bongs is to usher its users into a world filled with colors and space, where their imagination is free to run in whichever direction they choose to go.

Serena believes that her bongs break the stereotype that comes with cannabis bongs. It is her belief that beautiful, well-crafted, and artist-created bongs reflect the thousands upon thousands of cannabis lovers around the world.

Jenny Wichman

Jenny Wichman’s Yew Yew’s Sunset Bong is an interesting re-imagining of the classic bong. The bongs carry a geometric shape. The artist initially focused on ceramic glassware but eventually went back to creating classic glass bongs.

Wichman’s bongs are guaranteed to endure high heat even for long periods because of their primary material, borosilicate glass. What makes her bongs different is her design and style, with the inspiration being the sun as it slowly hides while its reflection is beautifully captured in the water. Each bong is described as a sculpture, a masterpiece that also allows for a satisfying smoke experience.

Yew Yew bongs come in soft colors, which means smokers will see the smoke clouds dance while they smoke. It’s a beautiful, inspiring vision for any cannabis bong enthusiast.

Jochen Holz

Glass designer Jochen Holz is another artist who has long ventured into creating beautiful functional premium bongs. His first smokeware was created back when he was a scientific lampworking apprentice. Eventually, an art-forward cannabis brand based in California took notice of his work. Pure Beauty especially noticed Holz’s organic shapes, which are as precise as they can be. The company is attracted to sculpture, fashion, and music, which is why Holz’s bongs are a good addition to their line.

Holz describes his bong collection as playful. They are abstract bong sculptures that are also made to provide good hits to every cannabis smoker. Their only difference with ordinary or regular bongs is the fact that they are uniquely designed.

Which Social Media Platforms Do Celebrities Use to Promote Their Bongs?

Most of the celebrities who have created and sold their own bong or bong brands have websites where their products are pictured and described in detail for easy selling and monitoring. However, there are certain celebrities who would rather use their social media sites for promoting their premium bongs, specifically Instagram and Facebook.


High-quality cannabis smoking experiences

Purchasing bongs endorsed, designed, or created by a celebrity sounds exciting but it’s not the only factor to consider when planning a purchase. Quality, durability, and performance are just as important. Hitoki bongs, for example, are known to be sleek and sophisticated while also delivering high-quality cannabis smoking experiences. This should be your primary consideration.