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About Us

Motivated by ingenuity and passion, Hitoki is reinventing our conceptions of healthy herbal blend use. Even more, with our cutting-edge laser device the Trident, we have brought a product to market that speaks to consumer sensibilities in technology, innovation, and wellness. Finally, as the Trident offers the premier luxury smoking experience in herbal consumption, it places Hitoki in a position to spread our message across the industry.

At Hitoki, we marry an unbending dedication to creativity with a deeply embedded passion for helping others. Because we are a family-run business of Vietnamese Americans, we feel a connection with those people in the world who are struggling to better their situations.

Therefore, a primary motivator for Hitoki is to build the business to a point where we can give back to the community. As such, while we love the process of invention, our real passions lie with charitable causes, so, we have decided to donate a portion of each Trident sale to

The Hitoki Trident is making waves in the industry for several reasons. For starters, this laser combustion device offers an exclusive smoking experience that speaks strictly to the experience level of cannabis experts. Moreover, because the Trident is both fashionable and functional, it provides a smoking experience to be remembered. As we continue to build and refine our brand, the “industry buzz” surrounding the Trident will allow us to penetrate new markets with individual customers as well as retail partners.