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24k Gold TRIDENT

24k Gold TRIDENT

24k Gold TRIDENT

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24k Gold Tridents are gold plated by the same organization trusted by NASA and are made to order. Please allow up to 60 days lead time.

User experience and love of life sits at the heart of Hitoki. These 24 karat gold Tridents further demonstrate the high quality and intentions of Hitoki. Hitoki pledges to donate $1,200 dollars from the sale of every gold Trident to World Refugees School. WRS Global is a school that leverages technology to provide quality education to children in need globally in an affordable, scalable, durable, immediate and certified way.

24 karat gold plated Tridents are professionally done by Epner Technology, arguably, the most technically sophisticated specification electroplating company in the country, and maybe in the world according to the University of Leicester in the UK.

To back up that statement, Epner Technology is the only plating company who has had a proprietary process, Laser Gold, selected for its peerless IR reflectivity, by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Epner Technology’s proprietary 24 karat gold process, Laser Gold, achieves the theoretical IR reflectivity and ultra-low emissivity of a pure gold. With a Knoop hardness of almost 200, Laser Gold is three times harder than any other pure gold plating process. Specified by NASA for thermal control of instruments, Laser Gold is aboard virtually every spacecraft from the earliest GOES weather satellites to the infrared cameras on the Hubble and the James Webb Space Telescope.

In 2016, the Motion Picture Academy, for the first time, chose Laser Gold to adorn one of the most recognized symbols of quality in the world… the Oscars!